Check Out These Innovative Artificial Intelligence Companies

It is no secret that artificial intelligence is fast taking over the world at the moment as everyone looks for tech to make work easier for them. For example, Microsoft has Cortana whose main purpose is to help you navigate the Windows operating system quite easily.

There are a number of companies that offer artificial intelligence services due to the high demand for the service. And, while there are plenty of them, there are others that are market leaders in the sector.


So, which are the companies that are the top of the food chain when it comes to artificial intelligence? Here are the most innovative of the companies that you should be looking at in the AI industry.

Check Out These Innovative Artificial Intelligence Companies
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The first company that needs no mention when it comes to innovative ideas with regards to artificial intelligence is Hive. In today’s world, marketing has changed a whole lot as it is no longer done with a “hope[ful]” attitude.

This is when you would just market, sometimes heavily with the hope that your potential customer would find you. Marketing today is targeted as you only reach out to the right audience alone - in most cases.


Hive’s artificial intelligence brings an idea to the mainstream T.V that it only promotes targeted marketing through relevant content.

The algorithm that’s used for this scenario is in a way that it ingests the video that is supposed to be used for marketing purposes and brings a “trending” sort of concept to it. That means that if a subject is relevant, there’s a way that the tech can use it to market a product.

Graphic Core

Most of the computers we use today support AI, but that’s just a format they had to intake because of demand. They aren’t really made for AI, you just throw it in as a booster of sorts. So, how about having a computer that is built from the ground up with an idea of artificial intelligence.


Well, that’s what Graphic Cores is working towards and this far, they have made tremendous inroads. The company currently has the Intelligence Processing Unit, which is tailored towards ensuring that your intelligence information is easily processed.


Check Out These Innovative Artificial Intelligence Companies
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Another company that you have probably met one of its offerings is Interaction, with some of its development used for restaurants. Long are the days when eateries would have to employ someone to sit at the driver-through booth and take orders. Today, for most places, that spot is reserved for AI.

And, at times it can get your order wrong, but so can a human too. The system is created to be efficient and quick about how you order. In the past, your order had to be written down by a person, now, you just speak it and it's recorded.

The tech can also ask you questions. For example, "Would you have this with chicken or fries". It's not just about efficiency, it also has a human touch to it.

The AI here is known as the Guest Experience Platform and was launched back in 2019. And to date, it is believed that Interactions has managed to handle up to 3 million food orders.


There’s no doubt whatsoever that AI makes the world an easier place to live in. You, today, don’t have to wait in line for hours to get simple questions answered.

That’s among some of the places that AI has made an impact. These are some of the most innovative AI companies in the world today.