Finance AI - What Are Some Examples?

Remember when you log into your banking site online, there is a chatbot to answer all your queries? Do you ever wonder how did it know about your preferred investment options? Well, deployment of AI has emerged as a technological development.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in finance is changing the way we handle money. In fact, financial entities all over the world are now making vital decisions like credit offerings, trading, investing, and financial risk management using the power of AI.


Finance AI also helps in offering smarter, safer, and more convenient ways to access, invest, save, and spend their money. Read on to learn more about financial artificial intelligence.

Finance AI - What Are Some Examples?


Having a good credit history helps people get better job opportunities, financial aid, and even apartments with much less hassle. However, if you belong to what financial experts term as “at-risk”, how can you convince a potential lender to give you credit?  

This is where AI can step in to help you. Today, a plethora of lending entities use an AI-powered software solution to figure out your repayment potential. This software takes into account a comprehensive range of factors and can help you rank better in the credit eligibility assessment.


Risk Management

In the financial world, time is a precious commodity. Financial analysts need to be able to predict trends and identify risks to plan better for the future. Accurate forecasts are crucial to making correct, up-to-date financial decisions. 

Many financial institutions across the globe are using machine learning (ML) software to make their services easily accessible to customers. 

Markets are increasingly leveraging machine learning to create newer prediction models that learn from mined data to generate accurate forecasts about the financial landscape.



AI in financial services markets help in identifying patterns from existing data sets, which plays a vital role in trading, and it helps you save on valuable time when every second counts. 

How does this work? AI-powered search engines can utilize natural language processing (NLP) to pick out and analyze keywords from within news, research articles, transcripts, and filings to identify changing trends in financial markets. 

Advanced financial software solutions leverage deep learning technology and high-speed data storage to identify patterns and shifts in the markets. This helps to translate the key findings into multi-market dashboards that provide ready-to-use information at a glance.

Personalized Banking

The impact of artificial intelligence is such that in a survey, almost half of the customers said that they would be “very willing” to use digitally offered banking advice. 

Besides the obvious benefits of digital banking and easy to access money, 1 in 2 customers want advice on budget-managing and saving goals. Digital assistants, such as chatbots, use AI and NLP to connect with customers on financial sites and provide seamless customer service. 

Cybersecurity and Fraud Detection

Finance AI - What Are Some Examples?

With millions of financial transactions taking place every day, a lot of money is being moved around and the chances of fraud are extremely high. Cybercrime has taken on many hues – application fraud, identity theft, credential stuffing, and gift card cracking, to name a few. 

Banks and financial institutions are investing in cybersecurity measures to ensure the online security of their data. Artificial intelligence and machine learning help identify real consumers from bots, thereby weeding out the malware. 

AI can also pinpoint compromised login credentials and alert both companies and consumers to help prevent security breaches instantly.


Financial AI is a new type of artificial intelligence that helps to understand finances in a new and progressive way. By using this technology, we will be able to help ourselves with our finances in a much more efficient way.