The Best Home Audio Setups of 2020

Sound can transform the whole atmosphere when watching media, which is why you need one of the best home audio systems. Did you know that when buying a new audio device, there is more to take into account than just sound quality? 

In determining the required power and wattage for your speaker setup, considerations such as room size play a huge role. It also doesn't matter how big your TV screen is, either. If there's a lack of great sound, then you just get half the experience.


Your speakers on TV don't do you any favors. Fortunately, irrespective of budget, upgrading to a home audio system is possible.

The Best Home Audio Setups of 2020
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SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 ($1199)

In the world of home theater, SVS understands what most people are looking for: lightweight, good-looking speakers that are easy-to-use and deliver excellent surround sound. One of their bestsellers, and for a good reason, is the Prime Satellite 5.1 home theater system. 

It provides five brilliant Prime Satellite speakers, which you can use to produce audio either from the side or from the rear. To round out the bass, it also integrates the landmark SB-1000 subwoofer.


With its excellent sound and looks, the system clearly undercuts rivals. When compared to others, the SVS is much more affordable.

The Best Home Audio Setups of 2020
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Logitech Z506 ($100)

For home theater systems, small rooms (under 150 square feet) can be complicated, and you need to take extreme consideration to pick speakers that will not provide you with muffled or distorted sound. That's why the Z506 from Logitech is pretty unbelievable. 

Not only does it pull this off, but it does it for about $100, which is considerably cheaper than almost any other system. You get five speakers and a subwoofer, and small spaces never phase out the sound quality, especially the bass.


The Z506 is easy enough to provide full surround sound in minutes. It must be said that the standards for sound quality shouldn't be big at this price point. With the Z506, that is certainly the case. 

Every now and then, elements like dialogue may be unclear, but given the price, it's difficult to be too upset. You'll need to pay extra money for an included receiver if you want functionality like Bluetooth. If you have a smaller space, you could have the Logitech Z506.

The Best Home Audio Setups of 2020
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Sonos Beam 5.1 Home Theater System ($1359)

By pushing Sonos to become more technically advanced, Sonos has made its imprint on the audio industry, and the new home theater system is no exception. Four speakers are available on the system: a soundbar, two Sonos One speakers, and a subwoofer

Each of these speakers is wireless, but there is an HDMI (and HDMI to optical audio adapter) input in the Beam, which is how to connect your TV to it. The system supports Dolby Digital, one of the surround sound formats most widely used, which optimizes its functionality.

Sonos has done an admirable job of replicating a right, left, and middle channel speaker's experience into a soundbar. Dialogue will be clear and audible in the movies and TV shows you watch, even during scenes with background music, which can often block out people talking.

Bluetooth, AirPlay 2 (a technology developed by Apple that allows you to wirelessly stream audio and video), Amazon's Alexa, and Google Assistant are supported. You'll be able to monitor the system using your voice if you set it up to work with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Bottom Line

By choosing the speakers and stereo receiver on your own, you can still create your own home audio set-up from scratch, but these pre-built systems have some benefits. Firstly, having an entire system in one shot is easier. 

More significantly, however, the businesses that make these home theater systems have done the heavy work to ensure that each part works harmoniously with each other.