How Long to Leave a Cell Phone in a Bag of Rice

Dropping a phone in water or having it covered with water is so easy. Water is quite able to damage your phone, and warranties do not cover water-induced damage, sadly. 

When you are urgently trying to look for solutions that could repair your phone or eliminate the water absorbed by your phone, don't despair. Experts agree that even after getting it wet, you can still save your device.


But it takes plenty of patience to save your phone from water damage. Place your phone quickly in a bag of uncooked rice when that happens. But how long is required? How long do you have to keep your wet phone in the rice to dry it out?

How Long to Leave a Cell Phone in a Bag of Rice
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Quickly Take Out Your Phone From The Water

The first thing that you can do is to quickly take your phone out of the water. And if your phone is immersed in toilet water, there should be no reluctance because the more water your phone acquires, the more likely it is that your phone will not be saved. 

Your cellphone is more likely to survive if you dropped your phone in clean water (while showering or doing your dishes) than if you dropped it in salty water (while dipping in the sea).


The explanation behind all this is that salt water can cause corrosion if a substantial amount of salt is stuck inside your phone. When you mistakenly drop your phone in a liquid with sugar (such as soda) and sugar is not removed completely from your cell phone, corrosion may also occur.

Rice As An Effective Desiccant

If you think it's not enough to dry your mobile phone with a towel or fabric, to shake it, and to use a vacuum, you can use a desiccant or absorbent product. 

A material that can be used as a drying agent is a desiccant. A desiccant draws and absorbs the water present in their surrounding.


Uncooked rice is an important drying agent. Inside the bag, the rice draws moisture that will make the water evaporate more quickly. Leave your phone in the rice bag for 24-36 hours or longer to guarantee that all the water has been thoroughly absorbed.

How Long to Leave a Cell Phone in a Bag of Rice
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How It Works

The efficacy of rice as a drying agent for wet cell phones is questioned in reports, but this technique has been successful for many. Camera equipment and film were shielded from a humid environment utilizing large quantities of rice. It is possible to use dry tea bags as well. 

You should place about four cups of rice in the bag where you will place your mobile phone to make sure that your uncooked rice will absorb the water that is stuck inside your phone.

A huge proportion of rice is needed because, compared to those silica gel packets, its ability to retain water is quite weak. Ensure the grains of rice are removed completely from your phone when you take your phone out of the bag containing uncooked rice. 

It's better to use rice as a drying agent than to use your microwave oven or hair dryer or expose your phone to direct sunlight for the same function for a long period of time.

Final Words

Water is absorbed by rice; water absorption is the secret to saving a phone, so rice can save your phone. And the trick is retransmitted every time a phone drops into a toilet or sink, from parent to child, from friend to friend. 

There's a fair chance your phone will survive its untimely spill by following these tips.