This is a Great App for Learning How to Speak Spanish

Memrise is a reliable app that aims to make learning a new language exciting and enjoyable for everyone who desires to do so. 


Memrise is available on your phone, so you can use it wherever and whenever you want, and it supports more than 20 different languages.

Learn more about Memrise’s content and features in this article. Discover the languages available on the Memrise app and how you can start learn these languages today. 

  • What Is Memrise?
  • What Are the Exercises and Tests On the Memrise App?
  • What Are the Video and Audio Lessons On Memrise?
  • What Are the Levels of Learning On Memrise?
  • Is Memrise Free?
  • What Is Memrise Pro?
This is a Great App for Learning How to Speak Spanish
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What Is Memrise?

Memrise is an award-winning language learning app. In 2017, it won a Google Play Award and came in second place as the best iOS app for both the iPhone and the iPad.

This is a Great App for Learning How to Speak Spanish
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Memrise was started by memory expert Ed Cooke and neuroscientist Greg Detre, whose field studies how people remember and forget things. The idea behind the app was to combine scientific ideas about learning with fun content.


Memrise uses mnemonics to remember things by putting words and pictures together. This makes it easier to remember phrases in other languages. Users begin learning by doing different tasks. You can “plant seeds” on a suggested path or learn about education, health, basic greetings, food, and opinions.

The tasks on the app are written in both English and the target language (German, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, etc.) so that the two languages become linked (associated). 

How Does Memrise Work? 

Memrise wants you to learn a new language naturally, which is shown by “planting seeds” in your daily lessons. You'll find that these words grow as you use them over and over in your topic. To start your daily lessons, choose one of the official Memrise courses. You can also learn from courses made by other users.

Memrise uses a "spaced repetition system," in which users learn how to say and write a new word. You'll get two to three words together and have to match them in a short quiz. Test how well you can listen by playing the audio file repeatedly as you learn the new words.

You can also do more practice with words and phrases you got wrong, which can be difficult. If you want to review what you've learned, there's a place to do so. This will help you remember the new words and keep them from slipping from your mind.

What Are the Exercises and Tests On the Memrise App?

The Memrise app will help you review the words and phrases you're struggling with. To do this, you'll have to write out the words to fill in the blanks.

This is a Great App for Learning How to Speak Spanish
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With their ways of remembering things, like mnemonics and the Spaced Repetition System (SRS), it's easy to link words to feelings, images, and sounds.

Like using the classic review to remember words, speed review tests measure how well you learn your new language. But this feature has a time limit, so you must type quickly. It's a great way to train your brain under stress. 

With the Memrise app, learning is gamified, so users must get 15 answers in a row to get an extra life. The better your score, the faster you pick the correct answer.

What Are the Exclusive Sign Language Courses On Memrise?

Did you know that user-made content on Memrise also includes several sign language courses? You can choose among these sign language courses. 

  • American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Argentinian Sign Language
  • Australian Sign Language (Auslan)
  • British Sign Language (BSL)
  • French Sign Language (FSL)
  • Korean Sign Language
  • Swedish Sign Language.

There aren't a lot of native speakers who teach sign languages online for free. Therefore, this feature is more appealing to new users because it has extra features like an exclusive language-learning program for hard-to-research languages.

What Are the Video and Audio Lessons On Memrise?

Would you prefer to learn a new language slowly through constant, boring reading or quickly through audio and video lessons? You'd choose the lessons with audio and video, of course! This is precisely what Memrise has in store for you.

This is a Great App for Learning How to Speak Spanish
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As a Memrise user, you can use each course to watch and listen to lessons from native speakers. The process of learning a language is made much easier with these kinds of lessons. If you are learning Korean, for example, Memrise will send you to a page where a native Korean speaker will say a word out loud.

This feature lets you learn the language quickly and helps you know how to say the words correctly. The app shows you these words as pictures and videos so you can remember them. This helps you both when you are reading and when you are writing.

What Languages Are Available on Memrise?

Memrise gives you a chance to learn a lot of different languages. There are common ones like Arabic and French, uncommon ones like Danish and Polish, and hard ones like Yoruba.

In the same way, Memrise has different dialects. For example, you can learn Spanish in a Mexican accent or Portuguese in a Brazilian accent. All you have to do is tap on “Learn another course” and you'll be given a list of languages to choose from. 

Memrise can help you learn more than 20 languages. On the app, you can find courses in all 20 languages. 

What Are the Levels of Learning On Memrise?

Even though the vocabulary is the main focus of Memrise, it has a lot more to offer. It lets you learn different levels of more than one language simultaneously. The app's interface and levels are easy to use if you look at them.

This is a Great App for Learning How to Speak Spanish
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The app's courses and programs are more like a game's different levels and stages. By completing the different steps, you can move from the beginner level to the intermediate level and then to the advanced level.

Each step on Memrise is broken down into smaller steps. If you tap the levels, you can start learning a language immediately. You can only move on to the next level once you finish the one you're on. 

This rule is there to help you learn a new language without missing out on important parts. Below are the levels in more detail.

  • Learn - featuring two sub-levels: "Words and Phrases" and "Learn Grammar."
  • ]Review - which has three parts: Difficult Words, Classic Review, and Speed Review.
  • Immerse - Learn with Locals and Listening Skills.
  • Communicate - which includes Pronunciation.

What Is the To-Do List Feature On Memrise?

Do you like making lists of things you need to do to get things done? In all honesty, there is no better feeling than crossing everything off your list at the end of the day. Memrise has a goals-to-do list board because of this.

It has three parts – words to review, new words to learn, and learning minutes. These sections tell you how many words you've reviewed, how many new words you've learned, and how long you've spent each day learning words.

You can also change your daily goals in the section that says "Edit goal." Here, you can choose how many words you want to learn each day and check to see if you have met your goal.

Is Memrise Free?

The free account gives you access to a good amount of content on both the web app and the mobile apps, and there are no ads. But if you pay for a Pro subscription, you get more ways to learn and extra features, like the ability to use the app when you're not online.

This is a Great App for Learning How to Speak Spanish
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Want to learn more than what you can get from an official course? You can learn all of their languages for free on Memrise. 

With just a few clicks, you can change lessons and languages. You can start learning words and phrases immediately without worrying about how far you have come.

The free version is best for people who are just starting and want to test their language skills. It's enough to get you to at least the A2 level of vocabulary memorization.

How to Download the Memrise App

As mentioned, the app is free to download for iOS and Android devices. You can get the app on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store depending on the type of device you have.

Moreover, setting up a Memrise account is free of charge. To use the app, you need an account, but you don't have to give any payment information. 

What Is Memrise Pro?

Memrise Pro offers full access to all 22 language courses on Memrise, and all lessons will be unlocked. You can also improve your speaking by watching videos of people who speak the language well. 

This is a Great App for Learning How to Speak Spanish
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Memrise Pro also removes all ads so learning a language is more pleasant and smooth.

You can pay $8.49 per month or $29.99 per year for an annual subscription. If this is your first time using Memrise, you can get the yearly premium subscription at a 50 percent discount. 

All you'll have to pay each month is $2.50. If you have a paid subscription to Memrise and want to pay for a lifetime membership, you can make a one-time payment of $119.99.

Why Is Memrise Known For Its Thoroughness?

Memrise's thoroughness makes it stand out and the perfect tool to help you learn a new language. The app is complete and has most of the things you could want from an app like this.

It has everything, from easy-to-understand levels to video calls with native speakers. The app doesn't depend on just one way to learn. It has a lot of different ways to do things, so you are sure to learn something.

Also, the app's interface is very easy to use, saving you time and effort. It is a place where you can learn an entire language in one place.


Memrise is a very well-liked mobile and web-based language learning application. It's like a game-ified flashcard software, and a ton of material is available for no cost. User-generated content makes up a big portion of the site, and a paid subscription unlocks premium features.