Learn How to Code with Tech Elevator

Tech Elevator is a comprehensive training network that helps individuals and companies learn technology skills on demand for new workforces. 

They teach students with various backgrounds to become software developers through their 14-week, full-time, and in-person coding boot camps. 


They also help build the necessary career readiness skills and career connections through their Pathway Program in order to get a meaningful job. Read on to learn more about Tech Elevator.

Learn How to Code with Tech Elevator
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What Can Students Learn From Tech Elevator? 

Students will learn from teachers with an average of 20 years of fieldwork experience. They will understand the underlying computer science principles and theory required for a skilled software developer, with a particular focus on practical implementation, techniques, and resources. 

Students in both the Java and .NET tracks will also learn web programming on the client-side, including Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Web services, XML, JSON. Students will also be introduced to C# in the .NET track. 


Students will work together on a business project for the final capstone project, building a fully functional app using either Java or .NET.

The Pathway Program

The Pathway Program focuses on developing skills and connecting you to the right companies through events, like Employer Matchmaking, and they will provide students with 20+ hours of career sessions in addition to classroom hours. 

Career trainers and advisors will help set up resumes, coach interviews, evaluate strengths, and more. From the start of the program, the team will work with students to ensure that they get a job as a programmer and are on a satisfying, rewarding career path.


Coding Courses at Tech Elevator

Java Coding Bootcamp

The cost to take this course is $15,500, and the class size is 18. This course can completed online, and the program is 14 weeks long. 

Here, you will learn the introduction to Java programming, Java server programming, Java database programming, Java frameworks, and design patterns, and client-side web programming (Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Web services, XML, JSON). 

Tech Elevator offers a tuition plan of $7,750 due on day 1 of the boot camp, and then $7,750 due in week 8 of the boot camp. 

.NET Coding Bootcamp

The cost for the .Net course is $15,500, and it has a class size of 18. This course can be taken in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, or Pittsburgh, and length of the program is 14 weeks.

In this program, you will learn about programming in C#/.NET, Serverside programming in C#/.NET, Database programming in C#/.NET, C#/.NET frameworks, and design patterns and Client-side web programming (Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Web services, XML, JSON).

What Course to Choose

Java and .NET are fantastic tech languages to learn, but some companies use more of one than the other depending on the work focus. As a good starting point, research types of work, and check out the code specifications described in job descriptions. 

When you're approaching other businesses, they might be heavier on one technology than the other, and some necessary testing may give you the answer. 

What is the Ultimate Goal of Tech Elevator? 

Learn How to Code with Tech Elevator
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Tech Elevator's aim is to teach you how to be a developer, not just writing code. That means that, as you continue to practice and evolve in your career, you solve problems and think about solutions like developers

More than 380 companies and counters made offers to graduates of Tech Elevator. Tech Elevator operates in several sectors with the top employers, including Fortune 500 companies.


The number one aim of Tech Elevator is to ensure this curriculum is the best choice for students. The boot camp model isn't for everybody, and every scenario is different, so it's essential to do your homework and make the right choice.