How Echo360 Can Help with Remote Schooling

There were times when remote learning was just a dream that students had – especially before college. Today, however, that is the norm as most schools were forced to adopt to the idea. This is thanks to the social distancing rules that the world had been forced to adopt.

Techs that had the ability to enable the idea of remote learning have now suddenly been in demand. One of the companies that have made the whole idea possible is Echo360. They aim to help you make all the smart choices during a time of crisis like what we had this year.


With the site, you not only get to learn through various video materials, but there are also teachers who can hold your hand. Read on to learn more about Echo360.

How Echo360 Can Help with Remote Schooling
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Echo360 and Services Provided

Echo360 isn’t a company that has come up in light of COVID-19, this is a company that has been in existence for around 15 years. The aim here is to be able to give the best remote schooling capabilities. It covers all basics as it can help with residential and online learning.

Echo360 assures schools that it can help them move their learning methods from residential to online within a matter of days. This is a complete move in most cases to distance learning. At times, the move is a hybrid move where the residential schools remain and distance learning is also set up.


So, basically the main aim for Echo360 is to provide the ability to move schools from traditional residential learning to online learning. The company is a cloud-based service provider for the same.

And, it’s not all about moving to learn alone. They also help with the creation of material for lectures. Since they help with the move, they also help with streaming services. All these while adding exciting features to help to learn become even more interesting when done remotely.

How Echo360 Works

This service provider gives the instructor the ability to record lectures, meetings, and even speeches. This gives remote students the chance to attend lectures as if they were in the same classroom. The recordings can be a combination of audio, videos, and other sorts of useful info.


Instructors Recording

First, there needs to be lectures that the students can view and this is where the instructor needs to request Lecture Capture. This is how they can schedule the recording of a classroom. The class should be equipped with Lecture Capture Technology.  

You have to be logged in through SPIRE for you to be able to see the request form. Now, you need to request the form through the Faculty Home Menu. Remember that only the primary instructor who is listed in SPIRE for the specific course is able to request Echo360.

Students Accessing Echo360

One of the easiest ways that you can access the site as a student is to have the access given by your instructor. This will be able to provide students with a whole host of learning material. And, this is done by a single link shared by the instructor who has lessons running on the site.

The student will need to have an account for them to have access to the lessons they are looking for. Once the student has clicked on the Echo360 integration on the instructor’s Moodle course. Echo360 will then create an account automatically for the student.

How it Helps with Remote Learning

How Echo360 Can Help with Remote Schooling
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The main idea for Echo360 is to help distance learners be able to access lectures even if they are away. With cloud service provision, there is no way that any student misses’ lectures if they are away.

Echo360 also helps the idea of remote learning easily as the instructor – after creating lessons – can share a link with students. This takes away the need for students to go around perusing through irrelevant info before getting to what they need.


Distance learning is something that is becoming a norm today that most schools are embracing. With Echo360, the movement from residential learning to remote learning set up is something that can be done within a few days.