Check Out These Tips to Go Viral on the Internet

The rapid growth of social media platforms over the last few years has led to many significant changes in the way that people communicate with each other and with their respective audiences. The internet has literally transformed the world into a village, where everyone can reach everyone else.

Now, going viral is the new way of achieving fame. Most people have made their mark in the world simply by attaining viral status with their content online. Fame has also become a fickle mistress that most people find themselves chasing, and it’s true. 


Now, more than ever, millennials and Gen Xers are super driven towards attaining fame, and the possibility of becoming famous is higher than ever before, of course, thanks to Social Media, and the beautiful thing called the Internet.

Check Out These Tips to Go Viral on the Internet
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How to Go Viral on the Internet

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you achieve fame on the internet through viral videos.


We all know that content is key, and how you approach the content based on your emotions, is what will be able to capture your audience. You should look for something that you are passionate about and capitalize on that.


Do not become a sellout for the sake of fame, as you shall eventually get tired, but rather look for avenues that can help you to strike for gold. You shall find yourself enjoying what you are doing.

So, in the 15 seconds you have, try and find the content style that will ensure you enjoy success in the process.

Small Is Actually the New Big

Do not try to come up with a very big idea based on what you have seen in the past, but try to think of a small thing that is able to attract an audience.


There are high chances that you shall discover that the content you are good at and that you enjoy producing does not fit into one of the big leagues such as dancing, lip-syncing, pets or pranks. Of course, if it does that is okay, and you are set, but if it doesn’t, find something else.

Brand Yourself

Now, because you are looking for your 15 minutes of fame, anything you create for the public domain should be distinctly identifiable as you. From the name of the account to the color schemes you use, or even the sign-offs, just ensure that you are in the process of branding you.

Remember that this is a game where your brand and your product should identify you. This also plays a major role with the audience as they shall be able to recall what they saw, and they shall also be able to identify who you are and come back for more.

Be Consistent with Your Postings

If you do one post that doesn’t work out, do not give up. Keep posting over and over again, and eventually, you might just end up with a successful viral post on the internet. 

For example, if you are dealing with Instagram, whether you are posting one reel, or you are doing 10, you must have a posting pattern that is consistent with the reels. This should be maintained as much as possible. 

If you have ever heard of Instagram algorithms, then you need to keep them in mind and ensure that you keep track of all your postings.

Don’t Ignore the ORM

This stands for Online Reputation Management, and it is something that you shall have to inculcate because it is important to communicate with your audience and to also maintain a good image as non-responsiveness creates a bad impression.

You should sincerely and purposefully approach ORM and ensure that you have set a process of replying to your audience in a way that works well for you.

Maintain a Ritual.

Whether it is specific to the actual reel creation process or just your overall online activity, try and maintain a ritualistic process that shall ensure that you do what needs to be done on time. 

Some creators have rituals of talking about their pets, while others ensure that at a particular time of the day, they will stop everything they are doing in order to post something on their pages.

Check Out These Tips to Go Viral on the Internet
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Above everything else, your attitude shall influence your success and approach to the whole process. The more diligent you are at posting valuable and important stuff, the more successful you are likely to be. All the best as you chase your dream of fame with the internet.