Discover the Best Tech Websites for Learning About Technology

Technology has developed so fast and become an integral part of our lives that staying up to date on it has become necessary. This has, in turn, spawned thousands of websites that specialize in the tech and gadget niche.

There are so many that it can be hard to find the right one. So we thought we would share with you a few of the best tech websites you can visit to learn about what’s going on in the tech world. 


Below are six options that range from reviews to tech industry updates. Hopefully, one or all of them will be able to fill your tech information needs. 

Discover the Best Tech Websites for Learning About Technology

Tech Websites to Check Out

Just a decade ago, apps like Lyft and Tinder were not even a thing, and yet now, it seems like they have been around forever. 

This is because of the speed of growth in technology and the industry surrounding it. So for you to keep up with all the movement and progress we suggest you check out these sites:



TechCrunch is one of the granddaddy’s of tech sites. This is a great option if you are into learning about upcoming projects, the business of technology, and gadgets. 

This site covers startups, business dealings, new launches, and new technology that is just about to hit the market or in development. The layout of the site is easy to read, and they offer other content as well, like podcasts.


If you want something a little more entertaining and more focused on tech news and reviews of new technology, you may want to choose Gizmodo as your tech information site.


The reviews that they offer can be very helpful when you are trying to decide on your next tech investments. They have reviewed everything from toys to phones. They also have a really cool science section that will help you feel like you have increased your knowledge. 


There are many new gadgets and technology being developed every day, and if you want to be in the know, this is a great site to bookmark. It doesn’t only cover gadgets, though. It also delivers a plethora of tech news.

The site is easy to navigate, giving you key sections like reviews and buyers guides. The buyer’s guides are especially helpful when you are unsure what to look for in a particular piece of tech.


If you’re looking for the advice of buying technology of any form, then TechRadar is a great site to browse. It covers a wide range of products, from headphones to cameras. 

The reviews are comprehensive and often offer comparisons between two models to help you narrow down your choice. There is also a handy How-to section that is a lifesaver for those that are a little less tech-savvy than others. 

Android Authority

Just like with all other things, there are those that are devoted to just one OS. If that OS for you is Android, then Android Authority has the information you want. 

This site provides content that keeps the most up to date news available to the Android user. You can also find tips, reviews, and how-tos along with tons of other great content. If you are more into videos, you should also check out their YouTube channel.

9to5 Mac

Apple has been one of the most popular tech companies for decades and has developed almost a cult-like following. If you are among its members, then this site is the site for you. If you just can’t live without knowing everything about the new updates or products from Apple, this site covers it all.

The site is notorious for dispelling rumors and giving their audience access to resources other than themselves that the Apple User should follow. 

Discover the Best Tech Websites for Learning About Technology


The tech sites above are just a small sampling of what is available out there. These just happen to be the ones we think are the best tech sites. 

They offer in-depth reviews, up to date information, and a lot more. Hopefully, we have piqued your interest and gave you a great outlet to get all your tech news going forward.