Want to Buy Electronics for Less? Try Refurbished Devices

It is human nature to like what we can’t afford.  However, with refurbished goods, we can have the best of both worlds–affordable and exactly what we want. For instance, you walk to an apple store and want a MacBook Pro. We know you might not get a new one for less than $1200 yet your budget is $800.

Someone suggests a better ‘deal’ of the same MacBook for $250. Obviously this is second hand, but again that price sounds too good to be true. Usually such deals that are too good end up ripping you off. You are better off getting a refurbished one at about $800 with less or no issues whatsoever.


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Want to Buy Electronics for Less? Try Refurbished Devices
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What Are Refurbished Devices?

Refurbished devices, sometimes called reconditioned or remanufactured goods are products which other people buy and for some reason return them. Before these returned goods are put up for resale, they get checked by the manufacturer or retailer for minor adjustments or fixes. Such a product will be fixed with a new battery or packaging before it is put up for resale. 

Refurbished Vs. Used

Most people confuse these terms yet they are different. To begin with, all refurbished products are used but not all used products are refurbished. Used goods are also known as pre-owned or secondhand goods. They are goods that someone bought, used and sold. 


Refurbished on the other hand might not even be used. Someone might buy a device and after change their mind about it. This is called ‘buyer’s remorse’. Therefore, when you buy such a device, it’s as good as new.  

Why Are Devices Refurbished?

People return products for many reasons. When a product has a damaged packaging, it may be returned for refurbishing. Note that this doesn’t mean the actual product is damaged rather only the packaging. So buying this product is still fine because the packaging will have been fixed. 

Others are returned with minor blemishes. Take an iPhone with scratches, for example,you might not want a scratched phone and therefore return it for refurbishing. However, the internal parts are working well–which are the most important parts of electronics.


However, some refurbished products are returned because they had minor or major issues. Whether minor or major issues, it doesn’t matter because they will be fixed before the device is put up for resale. 

Note that brands want to protect their brand, therefore, they will want to sell good products lest they lose credibility. Therefore, mind where you buy your refurbished devices.

Advantages of Refurbished Goods


The main advantage of refurbished products is they are affordable compared to buying new products yet you are buying products as good as new. Why would you pay highly for a new product yet you can get the same features from a refurbished similar product? 

Like-New Condition

When you buy refurbished products, you are buying a product that is in almost new condition. Sellers of refurbished items ensure they repair every damaged part and they ensure its working properly. Also, the exteriors will be cleaned, replaced and hence you will be buying a product that looks and works like new.

Want to Buy Electronics for Less? Try Refurbished Devices
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Most refurbished products have a warranty, though the length depends on who did the refurbishing. If the refurbishing was done by the original manufacturer, the warranty will be at least one year. On the other hand, if the product was refurbished by a store, such a product will have a shorter warranty like 30 to 90 days.


You want to buy a refurbished product from the manufacturer because then you have access to tech support you would access if you were buying a new product. This means that in case of any issues with the product, you can contact the manufacturer for assistance. 

However, this feature often applies only to current models as opposed to currently discontinued product unless this feature was specifically included in the sale listing. 

Where to Buy Refurbished Products

Since you are not buying something new, it is easy to be duped. Therefore you have to be careful where you shop. For safety reasons, you are better off buying from the original manufacturer. This is because manufacturers always want to keep their customers happy and protect their brand. Avoid obscure online sites and too good prices.


Refurbished goods are the best bet if you need a product that you can’t afford new. Refurbished goods are affordable and you can find some going for about 50% less than their new counterpart. Yet when you buy from the manufacturers, you’ll be getting a product as good as new.