Take Care of All Electronics with These Tips

Whether it’s a phone or computer, we all tend to get attached to our electronics. The thought of beginning afresh with a new device is sickening. You need to spend time learning the new keyboard on a new laptop or learning how to operate a new phone. 

Even worse is losing your bookmarks, photos, music and documents. What of failing to login into your Gmail because you forgot your password? There are lots of annoying scenarios when working with a new device. 


Therefore, you need to take care of your electronics so you don’t have to deal with such annoying scenarios all the time. Learn how to take care of your electronics below.

Take Care of All Electronics with These Tips
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Charge Wisely

When charging your electronics, first ensure the battery is completely drained preferably to less than 5%. Avoid charging when the batteries are half charged because it weakens your battery life. Also, when your battery shows it’s fully charged, disconnect it. Avoid overcharging your electronics because it decreases battery life and can even cause fires.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Electronic devices don’t work with extreme temperatures, whether cold or hot. Electronics are OK in temperatures between 32 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. When you use your electronics outside this temperature range, you are exposing them to risk. 


During winter or summer, ensure you don’t leave your electronics in the car.  If you must leave them in the car during winter, then cover them with a neoprene cover that blocks heat and put underneath the seat or put them in the trunk where they can stay cooler.

Clean Gently

Electronic devices are some of the devices we touch all the time. If you work on your laptop, ensure you clean the screen, keys, buttons because they get dirty.  When cleaning electronics, ensure you do it gently else you inflict permanent damage. Use a moistened microfiber cloth to clean screens across the surface-avoid heavy pressure. 

When drying the surface, use a clean microfiber cloth to dry and polish the screen and other surface. Get compressed air to blast gunk and crumbs out of keyboards. In case some dirt pieces are stuck between keys, use a toothpick carefully to pick it out of those tiny spaces. 


Encase Everything

All your electronics ranging from the phone to your Kindle should have a protective case to shield it against accidental drops. Choose a protective case according to how often you move with it and how accident-prone you are. 

Electronics protective casings are many ranging from a basic neoprene sleeve to an OtterBox protection. Just ensure your electronics especially phones are protected as they stand higher chances of dropping because you move with them anywhere and everywhere.

Protect Your Data

As much as breaking or losing a device is painful and costly, losing irreplaceable documents and photos is more painful. If this has happened to you, you know how hard it is to replace your contacts (some you might never be recovered). 

Ensure your data that includes texts, contacts, documents and media exists in the cloud and your device. Back them up regularly using the tools provided by your device and make sure backup was successful. 

Another way to safeguard your important documents and media is to put them on a cloud service like iCloud, Dropbox, Micrososft OneDrive and Google Drive. When you do this, you get a copy of your files that can be restored onto your new device or even after repairing an old one. 

Take Care of All Electronics with These Tips
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When you know how to clean and protect your electronics, they should be functional for a substantial time. Usually what hurts is losing your important files like photos, contacts and other documents. 

Therefore back them up on any cloud service of your choice will save them. Also, avoid overcharging your electronics as it weakens your battery life.