Learn About the Best Tech Tips for Apple Users

There are a lot of underlying intricacies in Apple devices. In fact, there may be some tips and tricks that even the most devout Apple user is unaware of.

Some of these system apps and settings will help speed your phone up, and some will allow you to customize your user interface. Plus, there is so much more that you can do with your iOS devices.


In this article, we will take a look at six of the best tech tips and tricks for Apple users. Keep reading and find out how you can maximize your device's performance and usability.

Learn About the Best Tech Tips for Apple Users

Tech Tips For Apple Users

Apple is and has been one of the major tech companies for decades. Yet there are so many tips and tricks that Apple users may not be aware of. 


If you find yourself on your device too much, Apple lets you see where your time is being spent. You can use the built-in time manager or choose an external app to help monitor and limit your time.


Built within your device itself is a screen-time menu that allows you to see just how you are spending your time. This can be found in the settings menu, and you can tap on the screen time to see a complete breakdown of which apps and systems you use and how long you are on each. 

You can set up schedules of when your phone will allow you to access certain apps. You can also set app limits daily and create a screen-time password to allow for a few extra minutes if needed.

Child Restrictions

Kids are drawn to any kind of technology nowadays, and none more so, it would seem, than to smart devices. There are a lot of apps and sites that are simply not age-appropriate, or they have in-app purchases that you youngsters may think it is okay to spend money on. 


Apple devices have a place where you can set up restrictions and block certain apps and actions. Under settings and in the general tab, you will find a section for restrictions. Here, you can set up your device to prevent your little rays of sunshine from seeing something they shouldn’t or taking an action that will cost you in the long run. 

Battery Life

Sometimes battery life has to do with the app itself, but sometimes it is directly related to your behavior. Luckily, with Apple devices, you can see if there is anything you can do to improve your battery life. 

In the settings menu, you will want to find the tab that says battery. You can scroll down and see over the past few days what apps are taking up a lot of battery. This can help you curb your use of those apps, or you could use some of the suggestions in the next section.

Low Power Mode

We have all received that horrible message: “battery running low, charge battery now!” This message is sent on Apple devices when the battery gets down to 20% or lower, and then the phone switches to low power mode. 

You can use this mode at any time, though. All you have to do is go to settings, and under the battery tab, press the low power mode. This will reduce power use by temporarily deactivating certain phone features.

Control Center

Not everybody uses the same apps and features, so having a control center that you can customize can make your user experience better. To do this, you will need to go to settings and then hit the control center button. 

Once you have gotten into that menu, you will see a customize option. Simply tap the plus or minus icon, and once you are done, you will have a control center that is perfect for you. 


As your Apple device gets older and is used more, you may notice a little bit of a lag when completing actions. There are some tech tips, though, that can prolong your device's life. 

For beginners, you should shut it off every now and then. You should also regularly delete apps that aren’t in use or files that aren’t needed anymore. Keeping the iOS update is another great way to help maintain your device's speed and capabilities.

Learn About the Best Tech Tips for Apple Users


Apple users are devout to their product and for good reason. Their products run well and last a long time, but with the few tech tips and tricks we laid out above, those devices will last even longer.