The International CES Conference is Going Digital

During the coronavirus pandemic, technology has helped us all work, learn, communicate, and it has offered concrete solutions to address global challenges. It is the collaboration of the most innovative minds that bring the best strategies in these unpredictable times.

With the increasing global health concerns in line with COVID-19, it is not feasible to safely gather thousands of people to meet and do business in person in Las Vegas in early January 2021, which is why the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Conference is going digital.


CES has been the worldwide scene of innovation for more than 50 years. And, the all-digital CES 2021 will prove to be a venue for product launches, engaging with international brands, and shaping the tech sector's future. Read on to learn more about CES going digital.

The International CES Conference is Going Digital
Image Source: CES

What Is CES?

CES, the testing ground for groundbreaking innovations and global innovators, is the world's most prominent technology event. This is where the top brands globally do business and find potential partners, and most vital innovators take center stage.

Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), CES highlights each area of the tech field. It exhibits companies, including consumer technology hardware suppliers, developers, manufacturers, content, technology delivery systems, etc.


It also includes a conference program where the world’s business leaders and innovative minds discuss the industry’s most critical challenges. CES 2021 will enable the whole tech community to exchange ideas safely and launch the products that define our future.

Why You Should Attend

Attending any industry event provides an opportunity to interact and socialize with top experts in your field and engage with potential customers and prospects. 

The opportunities here are almost unmatched, with a large number of participants and a strong media presence. There's the opportunity, for example, to make it big on social media.


CES has had a vast social media presence in recent years, with an average of over 900,000 mentions across all channels, along with more than 5,000 tweets per hour. Additionally, via print and online media publications, more than 226,000 stories about CES were published.

Unique Experience for the Tech Industry

In this largest technology show, big companies, such as LG, Samsung, and others showcase new items spanning from televisions to refrigerators. 

The show is also used by major tech companies, like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google to speak about current products that have just been launched at separate events.

Keynotes, product showcases, and meetings for CES 2021 will take place from January 11th to the 14th, 2021. It will deliver an experience that is highly personalized.

What You Can Participate in at CES

The International CES Conference is Going Digital
Image Source: Digital Trends

Now you will have a front-row seat entirely online for innovative announcements and ideas from the world's tech leaders. 

Through this digital transformation of the CES main stage, you'll be able to discover products and services through immersive product exhibits or live demos, based on your preferences and sector.

With live interactions, meet-ups, or roundtable discussions, you will engage with the brands, opinion leaders, and business partnerships you care about.


According to CTA, the 2020 event attracted 171,268 participants and exhibited cool and kitschy robots, the new self-balancing vehicle from Segway, and AI-powered virtual beings from Samsung.

The coronavirus outbreak has triggered the postponement or cancelation of hundreds of international events. In response to COVID-19, some are already tailoring their approach for next year's events. CES 2021 registration details will be available in the fall.

To ensure that 2021 continues to be an "influential digital technology event", the association is now developing the digital format for keynotes and conferences, live meetings, and roundtable discussions.