Tech for Good: Learn How Technology Improves the World

It would be easy to think, reading a lot of the news, that technology has given us nothing but misery and strife in the last decade. Yet technology, like electricity, is mostly neutral — what matters here is what you do with it. And they've done a lot of good.

In reality, tech hasn't just enriched our lives daily. Many innovators and entrepreneurs try to develop methods to solve some of the world's biggest problems.


Read on to learn about some of the ways that technology has improved the world for good.

Tech for Good: Learn How Technology Improves the World

Technology Makes Everything Accessible

One of the most significant contributions technology has made to the world over the past 10 years is that it is proving to be a great equalizer when thoughtfully developed.

In smart homes built for wounded veterans and aging populations, it helps people navigate physical environments. Thanks to audio and beacon technology, Wayfindr helps direct visually disabled people through the London Underground.


Live captioning and live transcription helps people who can't hear properly, and enables them to participate in real-time conversations.

Augmented reality brings story time for deaf children to life and allows deaf theatre patrons to experience the joy of live performance without attending specially signed sessions.

Improvement of Transportation

While it's still possible to walk to most places on earth, the advantage of trains, buses, cars, aircrafts, speed boats, etc. has made it possible for people to travel in much less time to and from their desired destination.


Ridesharing apps, like Uber and Lyft, have made it incredibly easy to get to a destination very fast and efficiently.

The foundation of every society is its infrastructure, and this includes both telecommunications and transportation systems. Both systems' evolution has significantly contributed to shaping the modern world.

Technology Improved Communication in the Next Level

Telecommunications services are an incredibly necessary aspect of any modern society.

Using bird messages and smoke signals are nothing compared to the cheaper, more secure, more productive, and more interactive form of communication that is email, phone calls, and smartphone messaging networks. People can remain linked from all over the world.

From Skype to VOIP to multinational telecommunications providers, it is exceptionally feasible for people to fly around the world and stay connected. Even remote employees or foreign companies can use video calls and phone calls over the Internet to keep their company running without interruption.

Improving the Learning Process for All

In the modern world, learning a foreign language, a technical skill, or an obscure aspect of history, is as simple as using a Google search, podcast, or YouTube video.

Instead of learning from printed paper books, ebooks and online seminars enable people to learn faster, more efficiently, and with the convenience of mobile computer systems or apps.

Online gateways and websites have also made it possible for educational institutions to offer educational materials in a whole new, streamlined way, helping students master elements using computer systems they are familiar with.

Technology Protects Our Money

You no longer have to go into a bank to withdraw or pass money to one another. Online transactions have already been made possible by many banks and are accessible to people everywhere.

Companies, such as PayPal and Venmo, have created platforms where people can use the Internet to send and receive money from any location.

Thanks to technology, paying bills has also become more manageable. You can schedule payments automatically when due, rather than remembering to submit a check by mail.

Establishing automatic payments via a banking app is especially helpful for seniors who may have memory issues. Caregivers or loved ones should help set up periodic bill payments, and there is never a doubt about whether or not a bill is being paid on time.

Technology Helps Us Become Healthier

We can lead much healthier lives using modern technology. Those who have fitness apps can see how active they are.

Having health-related apps could prompt us to be even more involved. New technology can help in the development of cures and medicines. In modern times, someone who is sick is more likely to be cured than someone in the past.

Tech for Good: Learn How Technology Improves the World
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When we have new technology on our side, our lives are so different and they can be greater. We can communicate better, do more, be healthier, and, overall, live better lives.