Discover the Purpose of Blue Eyes Technology

Technology is taking the world to different heights today and there seems to be no stopping it anytime soon. You have AI today that are doing many things that humans can do. In fact, it’s hard to find any company that doesn’t have an AI to man their customer support.

With that, there has been an intro of Blue Eyes technology and this is seen as the next era of cutting-edge tech. Now, this tech was first experimented on in 1997 and there have been significant inroads today.


There is more that is incorporated when it comes to Blue Eyes tech, and with years of research, the tech has certainly come a long way. There are underlining purposes to this tech and you can read more about that below. 

Discover the Purpose of Blue Eyes Technology
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Blue Eyes Technology

Blue Eyes technology is one of the tech ideas that has been mooted over the years as people wanted to integrate human factors into computers. Now, this tech is no different as it aims to bring perceptual and sensory human abilities to computers.

To make this possible, the developers of the tech have created it in a way that it uses a non-obtrusive sensing method. It has been coupled with modern-day video cameras as well as microphones. This is so that the machine can identify the actions given by the user. 


With that, you’ll have a machine that is somehow able to interact with a human being. This machine is also giving the power to recognize facial expressions and react to them accordingly.

Imagine a world where a computer could easily identify your emotions with just a touch of the mouse. That – in as much as it is scary – is a world that Blue Eyes Technology is looking to bring. 

Mobile Measuring Device

The main aim of the Mobile Measuring Device is to gather physiological information. The info is gathered from the sensor that the device is fitted with so that it can be forwarded for processing. 


Central System Unit (CSU)

Now, the CSU is a wide range of wireless network connections that the technology is fitted with. As stated above, the main job of the CSU is to process and verify the info the machine has received. The CSU usually contains wireless bluetooth and PCM Codec.


The hardware that is used here should be compatible with the Blue Eyes technology software. The hardware should be concurrent as the software in use here responds in real-time.

How Advanced Is the Tech?

Now, today, you can say that the technology is far advanced as you have seen modern-day AI doing what Blue Eyes set out to do. Here are a few techniques of Blue Eyes technology that shows it's growth.

Emotional Mouse

Unlike your normal mouse, this technology acquires physiological info. For example, it can intake your heartbeat, temperature, among others. This makes it able to figure out a number of things and react accordingly.

Artificial Intelligent Speech Recognition

You can easily address the machine without having to type in your command. You’ll just have to speak into the mouthpiece. After, the discourse is then shifted and put away in the machine’s random-access memory (RAM).

The Developer of the Technology

Discover the Purpose of Blue Eyes Technology
Image Source: Revelist

The research team of IBM and the Almaden Research Center has been conducting research on this technology since 1997. The research is conducted in San Jose, California. 


Blue Eyes technology is one that looks to bring a human feel to computers. This is what you need to know about how far the technology has come to this day.