Support These 5 Charitable Technology Companies

Across many tech companies, CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives are changing their focus with the development of NGOs from donating products to the “digital transformation” to get the industry up to date on technology. In this article, we’ll show you which charitable technology companies you should support.

In the past, charitable tech companies had been making donations or giving discounts to nonprofit organizations that would otherwise not be able to buy their services or goods. Thus, charitable technology companies make sure that their products and services are more widely used throughout the world, while at the same time making an impact as part of their CSR endeavors.


Yet, NGOs did not always perceive much gain from these contributions, especially when they were not sure about how to effectively employ the products to obtain superior outcomes. Let’s find out more!

Support These 5 Charitable Technology Companies

Support These 5 Charitable Technology Companies

Well, there are many tech businesses and startups that make donations. However, no matter how often you hear about one specific company that does that, you still don’t know precisely which one you should support.


Google, the world’s most popular tech company, owned by Alphabet, established in 2005. The organization is the company’s charitable department. Via the organization, Google employs its expert knowledge of technology and data to fight off racism, enhance education opportunities in underserved regions of the world, and much more.


Also, Google, one of the top charitable technology companies in the world, assists with health crises, such as epidemics and pandemics. Even more, Grow with Google was launched in 2017 to improve employment opportunities for Americans and veterans. The organization helps people learn new skills to enhance their chances and business plans.


The graphic cards for video games need sophisticated computer graphics chips that handle millions of computations per second. Nvidia, based in Santa Clara, developed such a chip in 1993 and introduced the future of video games to the present day.

In its charitable work, the Nvidia Foundation is dedicated to dealing with what is perhaps one of the world’s most difficult challenges — cancer. Under its “Compute the Cure” campaign, Nvidia, one of the top charitable technology companies out there, donates to cancer investigators who use state-of-the-art computer technologies to study, identify and cure cancer.


Also, Nvidia donates to survivors of cancer and campaigns for the prevention and treatment of the disease. The company encourages its workers to participate in different events focused on cancer research, awareness, or cure.


Autodesk is the company behind the renowned AutoCAD program. Nowadays, the Autodesk Foundation focuses on raising money for programs that address environmental, social, health, and educational problems.

To achieve that, Autodesk Foundation, one of the world’s best charitable technology companies, donates and sustains nonprofit organizations, social and environmental entrepreneurs, as well as start-ups that join the fight against the before-mentioned challenges.

Even more, the firm encourages its employees to participate in various special events.

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems is one of the leaders in information technology and networking, and it’s also one of the top charitable technology companies.

Via Cisco Foundation, the company’s philanthropic arm, the company joins forces with nonprofit organizations and NGOs to fight social disparities, education issues, and even economic challenges. 

Besides, Cisco also focuses on promoting a greener planet by reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible.

Northrop Grumman

Also, one of the best charitable technology companies in the world, Northrop Grumman is a global aerospace and defense technology company based in Falls Church, Virginia, in the United States.

Throughout its history, the firm was involved in various scientific projects. The company emerged in 1994 after Northrop Aircraft merged with Grumman Aerospace.

The company now focuses on supporting scholars, scientists, and future engineers or technicians via its STEM and Aid to Higher Education programs.

The Northrop Grumman Foundation supports US-wide STEM programming for several grades, including K-12. Northrop Grumman also sustains veterans and injured military personnel to make a career within the company.

Support These 5 Charitable Technology Companies


These are the world’s top charitable technology companies that donate part of their revenues to good causes, from dealing with environmental and educational issues to supporting derserving people, and much more.

By sustaining these companies (buying their products or using their services), you will also help them make the world a better place.